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<3 I love this boy.

<3 I love this boy.

Me and my Cousin. &lt;3 love her.

Me and my Cousin. <3 love her.


my copy of Pride and Prejudice

Letting the Past Die Peacefully

This is something that some consider sad, others consider to be a right they are not privileged enough to enjoy.
I am the latter.
Letting the past die away… this is something people should do more often. Something that happened way back when is fun to bring up sometimes, but mostly it should just stay way back when. Not everyone wants to remember everything they’ve ever done, seen, said, felt… somethings are not meant to be carried on into the present and the future.
People come in and out of lives, a few stay it’s true, but mostly people just kinda walk in and out. Kinda like an open house party. if you are sitting in one room people can come in and visit then leave when it’s time to go. I think life is like this. Not everyone has a place in our life FOREVER. A few do, granted. We all have that “best friend” or “significant other” that we honestly can’t live a day without. Maybe a close friend or two we never ever lose contact from (coughKriscough) but mostly we use people for the talents they have while we need them.
This may sound harsh, but think about it. When you needed someone to vent to and that perfect person who makes you feel better just happened to walk into that room you’ve been sitting in, did you use them? Did you tell them about your problem? Yes, yes you did.Then you felt better. But when they left, did you actually miss them for a very long time? No, sorry, you didn’t.
It’s not a bad thing to drift in and out of peoples’ lives. I think it’s better that way. You help while you’re helpful, then you leave when you can’t help anymore.
Same goes for “significant others.” Please, just being friends rarely works, is awkward, and is quite often painful. I for one always cut ties for good with people I consider I’ve really ‘loved.’ Deleted pictures, erased all memories of, burned photos and gifts, trashed emails and chats— pretty much made sure they were no longer a part of life.
However, the scars on my soul will never go away. But from my sight, I’d like them gone. For good. Is that really too much to ask? Is it really so wrong to never want to see someone again who caused you pain? Who scares you? I dont’ think so… I really don’t.
However, the same goes for “friends”… those who you trusted and who totally let you down. I think you should be allowed to forget them,or at least never see them again. Having the reminder that people know about your deep, dark past or your most private secret is a different kind of cruelty. it’s the kind that never stops bleeding. So is forgetting those people really BAD, per say? Isn’t more healthy to forget, to let it be? Let it Rest In Peace?
I think the Past should be left as the Past and not dragged into the Present and most definitely the Future.

Newest Batman Trailer... so freaking pumped!!

This will be me in 5 months&#8230; Paris here I coooome!!! :)

This will be me in 5 months… Paris here I coooome!!! :)

"Living well is the best revenge."- Beth Winnowski
I&#8217;ve always been obsessed with the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood&#8230; but the timidness of the heroine always bugged me. This kinda embodies the real heroine I&#8217;ve always envisioned.

I’ve always been obsessed with the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood… but the timidness of the heroine always bugged me. This kinda embodies the real heroine I’ve always envisioned.